Celebrity Tattoos – The Latest Fashion Accessory

Today, celebrity tattoos have gone mainstream and the culture of celebrity tattoos covers acting, sport, music, models and people who are famous for being famous. Just look at some of the celebrities who are known to have tattoos; 50 Cent, Christina Aguilera, Pamela Anderson, David Beckman, Kelly Clarkson, Johnny Depp, Vin Diesel, Eminem, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Natalie Imbruglia, Angelina Jolie, Anna Kournikova, Lindsay Lohan, Nelly, Kelly Osbourne, Pink, Nicole Richie, Wesley Snipes, Britney Spears, Usher, Holly Valance and Elijah Wood, And there may be many more that could be added to that list who have tattoos hidden in more intimate places.

No matter how incidental the news, readers of celebrity tomes such as In Touch Weekly Magazine and viewers of popular entertainment programs such as Entertainment Tonight, readers and viewers respectively continue to tune in. With so much information available about the lives of our favorite stars it is easy to believe that we know them personally. We look at them as a friend and tend make certain allowances for sometimes odd and even dangerous behavior. We put them up on a pedestal and believe that they are not to be judged by the same standards as the rest of us, sometimes with funny results.

Even though there’s likely more fantasy and speculation than fact to most of the celebrity gossip in circulation at any given time, the reporters and photographers who track down the stories are very well compensated. Why? Because the stories sell to an adoring and attentive audience. As a hobby or pasttime, it’s all in fun. No one really takes it all as gospel. If celebrity lives were as ordinary as ours, it wouldn’t be any fun at all!

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In 2003, 50 Cent released his debut album, Get Rich or Die Tryin’. It was an instant success, selling over 870,000 copies within 4 days. Interscope quickly granted him his own record label, G-Unit Records, pisos de chinas madrid that same year. While working with the emerging artists on his label, 50 released his sophomore album, The Massacre. It featured hits like “Just a Lil Bit” and “Candy Shop” featuring Olivia, the only lady on G-Unit records. His sophomore album was a hit, selling over 5 million copies and garnering a Grammy nomination for rap album of the year in 2005.

However, you don’t have to be a celebrity to get a celebrity tattoo. Anyone can get the hottest tattoo designs available regardless of their level of fame. If you have any concerns regarding where by and how to use chinas valencia (https://putaschinas.es), you can speak to us at our web-page. It doesn’t matter who you are, whether it’s a movie star, rock star, shop assistant or factory worker, you can still enjoy having your own tattoo that makes a powerful statement about who you are and what you believe. And if you want the same type of tattoo as your favorite celebrity, there are many websites and magazines available that display great pictures of celebrity tattoos. So it’s possible to find the celebrity tattoo design that you want within minutes of going online.


As a society, America is quite the celebrity obsessed culture. We share an ever increasing appetite for all news and reports related to our favorite entertainers. Magazines like In Touch Weekly, The National Enquirer and Star Magazine have impressive sales figures as readers fight to get their hands news about both the personal and professional lives of those within the entertainment community.

If the truth be known, the celebrity gossip gristmill is quite the cottage industry. Unless the gossip is outrageously unsubstantiated or particularly over the line, few celebrities bother to sue over what shows up in print. It’s hardly worth the trouble. Besides, if you’re worth gossiping about, you get lots of free publicity and the fans get plenty of entertainment.

In fact Johnny Depp is so heavily tattooed that he routinely has to have his skin painted to cover up his body art before he films certain scenes. However, some of his tattoos remain uncovered during filming and are incorporated into the character he is playing. This is another stong indication that celebrity tattoos are well and truly part of mainstream culture.

It does make you wonder. Fans must certainly know that not everything they read can be true. Celebrities do have exciting lives, much lived under the spotlights of eager photographers and reporters. Probably most fans know that celebrity gossip should be taken with a grain of salt, but, after all, it’s entertainment.

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